K-Pop Star Jonghyun Dead At 27

2017 has been a year of losses for the music world, and unfortunately it has not let up yet. K-Pop star Jonghyun of the boy-band SHINee is dead at 27.

Jonghyun was found unresponsive in an apartment in Seoul, South Korea, and did not wake up when taken to the hospital. Details of the cause of death are unclear, however it appears that it may have been a suicide. Police found the last text message he sent, which was sent to his sister, and it had suicidal connotations:

It’s been really hard up until now. Send me off please. Tell me I did well. This is my last greeting.

SHINee has amassed a massive following worldwide, being one of the key figures in k-pop. The remaining four members of the band are OnewKeyMinho, and Taemin. The band released their latest Japanese record Five earlier this year, and were set to tour Japan in February. It is unclear if the tour will continue, let alone if the group will. An official statement from the band and their management has not been released yet.

Rest in peace, Jonghyun. He has joined the infamous 27 club, and this is a striking blow for k-pop and music in general. Too many stars have died to suicide in this year alone; let's hope this is the last for time to come.