Arcane Roots - Heaven & Earth EP

Massive riffs. Soaring melodies. Giant breakdowns. Arcane Roots will give you all of that and more in their triumphant new EP, Heaven & Earth. The forerunners of the upcoming wave of powerful Brit Rock artists, Arcane Roots have finally delivered a follow-up to 2013′s Blood & Chemistry. One would’ve thought it impossible to match the sheer intensity of the band’s previous effort, but this EP, while only containing five songs (and a hidden sixth track), proves to have smashed expectations.

Go into this EP expecting to be completely satisfied for all of your rock needs but still demanding more. Right from the get-go, the lead single and opening track “If Nothing Moves, Nothing Breaks” proves to be a monster of a song. Opening atmospherically with piano and the cries of Andrew Groves’ pleas provide for a huge statement to open this EP. Nothing will stop you headbanging to this song - the heavy section in the first verse will make sure of that. Moving into a lighter, ballad-y territory is “When Did The Taste Leave Your Mouth”, showcasing Groves’ talent as a vocalist and his songwriting ability. This one’s bound to be a massive crowd pleaser (not to mention how incredible a live band these guys are). “Leaving” does not let up the promise this album has, marching forward with driving force, chanting of triumph: “They’ll be dying to prove you wrong,” warns the chorus. “Slow Dance,” while no “Triptych,” brings some of the technicality Arcane Roots fans have come to love from the trio and works off of the sudden explosions of energy that “If Nothing Moves, Nothing Breaks” also had. The EP concludes proud and unrelenting with “Vows & Ceremonies,” featuring a happier sound than much of the rest of the EP. Definitely the album’s most radio-friendly track! The upbeat sound doesn’t distract from the jams - while relatively simple compared to the rest of the album, the song channels the band’s inner Coheed & Cambria and brings the feel-good, foot stomping vibes to close the album out. A hidden track is found at the end of the song, if you sit through a minute or two of silence. I’m not sure if it has a title - but it speaks for itself, no title needed. It’s a short, albeit beautiful, ending to the album, beginning with Groves harmonizing with himself over a delay-heavy guitar and piano before the full band kicks in for one last hurrah.

Leave it to Arcane Roots to bring one of the year’s biggest releases, in an EP that bursts with energy and charisma only they are capable of creating. Each song is long, only “Vows & Ceremonies” clocking in under five minutes (just barely), but each is a journey to be experienced. Arcane Roots have brought to table a defining EP, showcasing their growth as a band and as artists since their debut LP. Evolution at its finest.

Favorite Tracks: Slow Dance; If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves; Leaving

Least Favorite Tracks: If I had to pick one... When Did The Taste Leave Your Mouth

Rating: 9/10

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