Yeasayer - Amen & Goodbye

Need some strange, indie groove in your life lately? Yeasayer has you covered. Their fourth album, Amen & Goodbye is full of infectious and left-field indie rock tracks that’ll keep you on your toes.

After starting weird with the hopelessly optimistic harmonies of ‘Daughters Of Cain’, the album begins on a high with the electrifying ‘I Am Chemistry’, and epic synth rock track filled with awesome synths and cool guitar effects. The synths and guitars work together to create a massive sound, especially during that amazing solo section. The song itself even changes itself around in its conclusion, a different part featuring a young choir and acoustic instrumentation that closes the song gently and rawer than it began. Things take a less serious note with ‘Silly Me’, the track that feels like a punchier version of a song off of The 1975′s new album, which I could only take so much of. ‘Half Asleep’, on the contrary, takes some harmonies reminiscent of AURORA, who’s debut album is my favorite this year, coincidentally. It has some great instrumentation, too. Trumpet hype! The aforementioned groove comes out full steam on ‘Deep Sea Scrolls’, an infectiously groovy track with a funky melody and beat, and an awesome solo to top it off. Brass is always a major component, too.

After that beginning of the record, things start getting weirder. ‘Prophecy Gun’ takes an atmospheric and electronic turn, while tracks like ‘Uma’ and ‘Cold Night’ are sweeter and more composed, upbeat tracks. ‘Divine Simulacrum’ is haunting melodically and has the epic, disjointed instrumental like that of Clarence Clarity. ‘Gershon’s Whistle’ also has a great chorus melody, though takes a bluesy/funky turn with big guitars and a massive ending. There are many filler tracks in between that just feel like they clutter up the album, though. The closure album title track, for example, feels like such an anti-climax after the positive ending of ‘Cold Night’. The excessive clapping in ‘Child Prodigy’ also feels like it does nothing but break the focus of the album.

Yeasayer put together a catchy record for their fourth effort, with both great success and mild disappointment. Some tracks are just infectious and can’t be forgotten, while others are just there to fill space and break the mood. It’s a good album nonetheless, but in execution, maybe not put together in the best of ways.

Favorite Tracks: Gershon’s Whistle, I Am Chemistry, Divine Simulacrum, Deep Sea Scrolls

Least Favorite Tracks: Amen & Goodbye, Computer Canticle, Child Prodigy, Silly Me

Rating: 7/10